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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Moisture and hygroscopic materials 

The air always contains moisture to some degree. Substances used for tablets are extremely moisture-absorbent, i.e. hygroscopic. Moisture affects the products’ weight, their durability and quality. If you fail to protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture, eventually they have to be scrapped, which is much more expensive than regulating your indoor climate.

Clean room manufacturing and laboratories 

A controlled level of humidity in thepremises is a prerequisite for experiments under controlled conditions.

Punching and coating tablets 

When punching and coating tablets you can maintain your production capacity, or even increase it, if you control the moisture in the production premises. No risk of the tablets getting stuck in the machines.

Mixing and weighing 

When hygroscopic ingredients are mixed and weighed it is important to maintain a controlled level of moisture in the room. When several substances are being mixed the products can vary in weight from one day to the next if the relative humidity varies.